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Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Any digital marketing strategy is as good as the SEO plan that is put in place to execute it. We follow a 9-step search engine optimization process to augment your business’s online visibility. This process has evolved over the years based on the highest industry standards.

On-Page Optimization

To rank higher on Google, your site should be easily interpreted by it. So, we optimize your meta descriptions, title tags, meta tags to ensure that Google identifies your site quickl

Off-Page Optimization

Backlinks are one of the top 3 factors that help with Google ranking. Therefore, we take a look at your backlinks and remove broken links and build new ones to boost site authority.

Technical SEO

After we have fully understood your requirements, current performance, and analyzed your competition, we work on the technical aspects like site structure, page load speed, and responsiveness.

SEO Audit

Once we have fully understood your requirements, we use sophisticated tools like SEMrush and SEOprofiler to conduct a thorough audit of your site to identify the issues that it faces.

Analysis of Your Requirements

Our process starts by initiating a conversation with you whose objective is to get a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and gauging the complexity of the task.

Evaluation of the Competition

We closely monitor the keywords targeted by your competitors, their backlink status on different sites, and leverage that knowledge to enhance your website and its performance.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a tried and tested method for link building on high authority sites. So, we help you build external links for your site through high-quality guest posts to boost your site’s Google ranking.

Timely Updates

To keep up with Google algorithms that are updated periodically, we make sure that the changes warranted by the analytics data are quickly implemented to keep ensure Google compliance for your site.


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Search Engine Optimization

We, at, are a highly experienced, talented, and supremely motivated bunch of SEO experts, who genuinely believe in the potential of your business. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to give your brand the online exposure that it deserves to not just help it survive but also thrive in today’s digital marketplace.

Ever since the inception of a year ago, we have been consistently striving to help companies operating in various niches amplify their online visibility. As an SEO agency that prides itself in delivering tangible business results for all its clients, provides you with guaranteed results. Such an approach always keeps us on our toes, makes us accountable to all our clients, and ensures that they get the utmost value for every penny that they spend on availing our services.

Where Reputation Outweighs Monetization

At, we uphold our reputation in every way that is synonymous with our credibility and high-quality services. We understand the value of your hard-earned money, which is why we go the extra mile to deliver an enhanced return on every penny that you spend on availing our services. We pride ourselves on our principles and take an approach that is driven by honesty and reliability. That’s why we endeavor to provide you with top-notch services that guarantee much more than your money’s worth.

We are a one-of-its-kind SEO agency with respect to quality, professionalism, and never dying commitment to excellence. Backed by strong ethics, dynamism, and quality that have been instrumental in our rapid growth and evolution, we have set the bars very high in the SEO space, and we strive every day to get past those bars.

What Sets Us Apart

Amazingly Talented Team

At, we have a team of globally accepted talent, who are experts and amongst the very best in their respective fields.

Exceptional Services

Backed by a highly active group of account managers and sales professionals, we provide you with round-the-clock service for top-notch communication.

Creative Solutions

We consistently strive to keep ourselves updated with the latest SEO trends worldwide, which consequently helps us to deliver the most creative solutions.

Impressive Results

Not many SEO companies around the world can offer assured top organic rankings on search engines- we’re one of those who can and that too in real-time
Feroz SEO, Agency

Today there are hundreds and thousands of SEO agencies out there that promise guaranteed results in the shortest possible time, but not all of them are saying the truth. And you know that just as well as we do. Over the last year, we have established a firm reputation in the market, which often precedes us. While there are many good SEO companies that can deliver results for you, no other SEO company combines trust, accountability, reliability, experience, and affordability a well as we do. 


We have around in the digital marketing space for years, which has helped us earn unrivaled trust and form credibility that few can imagine.


The members of the team have a cumulative experience of more than 100 years in the digital marketing niche, so they can adequately face any challenge.

Client Retention Rate

Over 96% of our clients come back to us for new contracts, which bears ample testimony to our high standards of service, overall efficiency, and professional conduct.

Professional Expertise

Having worked on some of the most complicated projects that range across various verticals, our SEO experts have battle-hardened and can deliver against all odds.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Your data and privacy are of the utmost importance to us and we do everything to safeguard them. So, all you need to care about is how you plan upon leveraging the results that we deliver for you.

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What our clients say

" Firoz is an excellent communicator and very prompt with his services. His SEO work is exceptional and I wouldn’t have a problem with him working on any one of my client’s websites. He’s easy to talk to, knows what he’s doing and is great value for money depending on how much you’re spending, you will get back what your spend. Great investment in to your business if you are looking for a fantastic SEO person!  "

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